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  • ​Something is stopping you - and you know it's you
  • ​You want to change and don't have the time to figure it out on your own
  • ​​You have a mission and vision to share with the world
  • ​​You have a purpose and want to build a heart based business

80/20 Planning Has You Covered!


8020 Planning has a thriving Private Basecamp group. You’ll have access to the Team, your small group & the 8020 Planning community who will answer your questions and provide support to help guide you every step of your planning journey.


In 8020 Planning we’ve created every tool you‘ll need to create, clarify, and align with your purpose! You can rest assured you’re taking the right step, the right way, at the right time. We’ve got your back!


In 8020 Planning we’ve gathered every resource you’ll need for planning success. Plus, we’ve created the processes you’ll need for building lifelong habits!

Who Can You Relate To Most?

Wendy - The Hesitant One

We get it, ’cause we’ve been there! We all start at square one with fears and doubts. We’re thrilled to say we’ve helped our members face their fears and successfully create their plans within 8020 Planning!

Anne  - The non-techie one

The tech aspects of planning can be so simple, and inside 8020 Planning we show you how to get setup, the best tools to use, and how to design actions & schedule your planning most effectively.

John - The growth-focused one

Your calendar is already packed with to do's & you’re ready to sift and sort. With the right systems + strategies it’s not about WHEN, but WHY.  Join us in 8020 Planning to learn the proven path to Purpose so you can start working smarter, not harder.

80/20 Planning Isn't For Everyone

Designing and Planning your Ideal Life requires dedication, time,
patience,  hard work,and consistency.
 Overnight success doesn’t exist.
Inside 8020 Planning we provide every video tutorial, resource,
and the community and support system you need to make it happen.

 But you have to be committed to doing the work.

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  • Every planning template
  • Planning Video Library (with Updates)
  • Work at Your Own Pace
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • Q&A through Chat
  • 1/2 Price Habits Webinar ($97 value)
  • Upgrade Available - Limited Space
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  • Access to a thriving community
  • The Habits Webinar ($197 value)
  • Group Coaching from our Planners Coach
  • Personal Planning Group Calls
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A with Jacob
  • Every planning resource & template
  • 30-day, 100% money back guarantee
  • Limited Membership

  • 1-1  strategy call with Jacob
  • The Habits Webinar ($197 value)
  • Private Coaching from our Planners Coach
  • Access to a thriving community
  • Personal Planning Group Calls
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A with Jacob
  • Every planning resource & template
  • 30-day, 100% money back guarantee
  • Limited Membership
We know you're busy.
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8020 Planning is a Community For A Reason.
Let us help you get your Mission and Vision out into the World.

Learn From Jacob McGill

Hey! Jacob McGill here

I’m the founder of 8020.Media, a purpose based business launched in 2012. After nearly losing my life when I was 17, I was put on a different path from my peers.

I've been an Entrepreneur since my early 20s. Inspired by the amazing I results I achieved in rehabilitation after my accident,  I searched for the world's most effective tools and systems in order to master learning.

Thanks to the Thousands of Hours and Tens of Thousands of dollars I have spent on Programs, Training and Coaching with successful Entrepreneurs, I was able to pull the best pieces of productivity together.

And thanks to the Fifteen plus years and Ten
Thousand plus hours I have spent working with
clients, I have been able to organize them into
a system that guarantees results.

If you’re ready to share your mission, grow your
vision & increase your Alignment with your Purpose, then 8020 Planning is for you.

We're Here to Help!

“8020 Planning was my path to reorganizing
my schedule into an Action List that Fulfills My WHY.
I absolutely LOVE the detailed step-by-step
process and couldn’t have created my
 Powerful Purpose without it.
I can’t thank you enough.”
Stevie Chesney – Rearranging Change

Still Have Questions?

I’m not really clear on my Purpose, how would Planning work for me?
We ALL suffer from the imposter syndrome; we’re only human! Do you think Jacob was an expert  when he started his Planning journey? No way! (Seriously, ask him about the first 4 years…)

If you want to Be, DO. If you want to Align with your purpose and share your message with the world, you have to start doing that thing, and Planning is the perfect medium to help you get started.
I have a lot of other projects going on in my Life; what if I don't have time?
Planning is a time commitment, and we know what it’s like to juggle multiple projects at the same time.

That’s why 8020 Planning is so special. Inside we share with you the exact systems we use to make planning a part of your overall Life By Design – not just another project.
If I join the Standard plan, can I upgrade to Premium?
Yes! If you’d like to join on the standard plan to start, then upgrade to the premium plan in the future, just send us an email with your request.
Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes. If you want to cancel your membership you can do so at any time, but we will only refund your investment if your cancellation is made within the first 30 days of purchase.
What if 8020 Planning  isn’t right for me? 
We get it – it’s not right for everyone. And that’s why we offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

If Planning isn’t right for you, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your investment!

Plus, you can cancel anytime, so jump on in, give 8020 Planning a try, and if you’re not satisfied at any point in time, simply let us know you’d like to cancel!

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